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Madison, Wisconsin 53704
Phone Number: (608) 244-3048

For a complete list of Village Recreation programs or to register online visit the link below:

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GET-Fit Programs: Connie Martin Fitness Classes

  • Cardio, Strength & Tone (Mondays and Wednesdays) 9:00am-10:30am
  • Circuit Training (Fridays)
    • Fri – 8:00am-9:00am
  • Stretch Class (Fridays)
    • Fri 9:00am-10:00am
    • Purchase a 10 pass punch card for $80.00 for all 3 classes


Maple Bluff Canoe, Paddleboard & Kayak Sharing Program Description

Canoe/Kayak Sharing Program Form

Goal: To provide residents of the Village of Maple Bluff the opportunity to recreate on Lake Mendota. To make the facilities of the Marina more accessible to residents who do not use the Marina as a storage facility.

Who is eligible: Adult residents (age 18 and older) of Maple Bluff are eligible to participate, pending completion of all appropriate forms and waivers and an Orientation Session. Guests and/or children of such participants are only allowed on Maple Bluff’s vessel while accompanied by the participant on the water.  All participants are fully responsible for their actions. Parents are fully responsible for children under the age of 18.  No one under 18 is permitted to take the vessels out alone.

Program: April 15 – October 15.   Participants will be able to sign up in 1-4 hour increments on Google calendar.

Program Management: This program will be under the management of the Recreation Director and staff. All Program participants must have a Google Account to access the Google Calendar link.


  • 2 Green, webbed seat 17’ We-no-nah Northfork Canoes
  • 1 Yellow, Current Designs tandem kayak
  • 2 Current Designs single kayaks, yellow and orange
  • 4 kayak paddles
  • 4 Canoe paddles
  • 8 regular lifejackets
  • 4 Kids lifejackets
  • Safety booklets; the policy and procedures are available at the Village Hall
  • Combination locks on all equipment


Policies & Procedures:

  • Prior to use, each participant must have signed a program agreement with emergency contacts and numbers listed.
  • All participants are required to attend an annual orientation session to review policies and procedures
  • Each vessel will be locked with a combination lock.
  • The gates behind the boathouse are locked with a combination lock. The combination will be shared with participants only. If at any time a non-participant has been given the disclosed combination from a participant, the participant will no longer be able to participate in the program; and will be barred there from for the remainder of the calendar year.
  • Reservations cannot be made for more than four hours at a time without the permission of the Recreation Director.
  • Participants can only make one reservation at a time.  For example, a participant cannot block out a number of reservations.
  • Participants will find lifejackets and paddles in the storage locker behind the boathouse.
  • All boaters are required to wear lifejackets at all times while on the water. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The vessel, paddles and jackets must be returned to their appropriate locations and properly secured.
  • All boats are required to be returned prior to sunset and cannot be signed out until sunrise (state law).
  • Participants should inspect their boat, paddle and lifejacket before and after use to report any missing or damaged property to the Recreation Department.
  • All boats cannot be transported to a separate location or lake.
  • No vehicles may be parked in rented Marina storage spaces, nor at any other location in the Marina that blocks the flow or impedes access by emergency personnel.
  • It is strongly recommended participants use their best judgment for inclement weather (severe thunderstorm watches, high winds, fog advisory, etc.). The Recreation Department may cancel reservations in the event of these dangerous situations.


Area businesses that offer lessons/instructions on canoe & kayaks
Rutabaga Paddlesports LLC: (608) 223-9300
Carl & John’s Paddling: (800) 386-1299
Wisconsin Paddling Schools: (800) 472-3353