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December 2016 

After more than four years of planning, research and design, the Memorial at Johnson Park has officially been approved by the Village Board at their February 2018 meeting. To date the Committee has received $127,000 in donations to complete this project. The Committee is still requesting donations. It is the intent of the Committee to recognize all donors in an appropriate manner commensurate with their gift.

Please, let’s honor our relatives, neighbors, and friends who have answered the call whether in peacetime or during periods of conflict to insure that we can continue to enjoy the safety and comfort of the Village we proudly call home. Please feel free to contact any of VMC member’s signatories below or Village staff to answer questions or discuss details of your donation.

Maple Bluff Veterans Memorial Committee
Julie Cornelius juliecornelius333@yahoo.com
Sandy Thomas tripalins@yahoo.com
John Schmid jschmid@axley.com
Rick Apfel apfel.rick@gmail.com
Ellis Waller ellispwaller@gmail.com
Curt Erickson cerickson@villageofmaplebluff.com

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