Due to a number of factors that are largely out of our control, the Village of Maple Bluff is facing significant financial challenges.

Wisconsin communities operate under a state-imposed revenue limit, restricting the financial support they can receive from state general aid and local property taxes. This formula is outdated and has resulted in our Village not receiving the funding necessary to support programs and services. Many small communities statewide are managing the same challenge.

The state does not foresee the funding formula for municipal levy limits and funding restraint changing anytime soon.

Additionally, the funding approved by the state legislature has not kept pace with increasing costs and inflation over the past few years. In the previous 5 years budget’s, our community’s levy limit has increased by only _________%. In the most recent budget (2024), the levy limit increase for the Village of Maple Bluff was ____________________, far short of inflationary costs.

List budgetary restrictions, etc here…

Combined, these factors have meant that municipalities increasingly must turn to their local communities to cover inflation deficits. This is the case in the Village of Maple Bluff, like many others statewide.

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