Boards & Committees

The Village of Maple Bluff has 16 boards and committees. Citizen volunteers play a key role in the conduct of governmental affairs and provide an important component in making the Village of Maple Bluff the community it is.

Village Board
The Village Board approves budgets, adopts ordinances and resolutions, and sets policies for all departments and municipal services.

Board of Review
Hears objections to assessments of property values from individual property owners and determines whether the assessor’s valuation is correct.

Board of Health Committee
The Board of Health shall assume the general administration of health and sanitation laws and regulations in the Village.

Building Board
The Building Board shall hear and approve or disapprove all applicants’ requests, including but not limited to new construction, additions to any existing structure, window modifications in terms of proportion, size, detail, color and/or function, new and replacement windows, exterior siding, new or replacement fences, swimming pools, tennis courts, any sign requiring a sign permit under § 225-93 in a business zoning district, miscellaneous and accessory buildings, including storage sheds, boathouses and boat shelters, and alterations which involve a significant change in the exterior appearance of an existing structure. Items which do not require the approval of the Building Board include roof replacements and identical window replacements which conform to the original design intent of the structure as determined by the Village Administrator.

Ordinances Committee
The Committee on Ordinances shall make recommendations to the Village Board on the adoption, amendment, modification or alteration of ordinances of the Village.

Country Club Joint Committee
ORDINANCE 6-6 (B) as required under the lease of Maple Bluff Country Club

Finance & Accounts Committee
Advises the Village Board on annual operating and capital budgets, municipal borrowing, financial policies and purchasing procedures.

Parks & Recreation & Harbor Commissioners
Advises the Village Board on the acquisition, management, enhancement, and public use of natural and conservancy areas, policies and practices directed at maintenance of a healthy and diverse urban forest, the planning, acquisition and development of parks and park facilities, and the nature and structure of recreation programs.

Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending applicants for supervisory management positions to the Village Board.

Plan Commission
The Commission shall make and adopt a Comprehensive Plan for the physical development of the Village.

Police Committee
The Police Committee shall review public protection services being provided to residents within the Village; develop criteria for the evaluation as to the quality of such services; make recommendations as to the improvements and/or additions/deletions relative to such services; and make other recommendations associated therewith.

Publics Works Committee
The Public Works Committee has the duty, under the direction of the Village Board, to maintain streets, alleys, sidewalks, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water system, and other public works projects.

Urban Forestry Committee
The Committee will provide information and consultation to Village residents concerning the planting, pruning, and maintenance of trees and shrubs. The Committee will provide information about species and correct planting when requested. 

TID Committee
The TID Committee is to develop recommendations to the Village Board that support the implementation of the Village’s Tax Increment District Plan.

Zoning Board of Appeals
To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Building Inspector or Building Board

Fire & EMS Committee
The Fire and EMS Committee has jurisdiction with regard to the hiring, firing, disciplining, or promotion of personnel in the Fire Department.