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INTRODUCTION: The Maple Bluff Country Club (MBCC), with support from the Village of Maple Bluff, will be hosting the 9-10-year-old preliminaries for the 2021 All-City Swim Meet. This will be a significantly reduced event in comparison to the 2017 All-City Swim meet. MBCC is anticipating 400-500 swimmers with an additional 1000 spectators on Friday afternoon with competitions scheduled to begin at 1:00pm. This packet of information is intended to inform you about the event, the preparation event organizers have done to host this event and suggestions that you can take to minimize the impact to you.

EVENT: All-City Swim is attended by 13 swim clubs from around the greater Madison Area. Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, six pools were selected as host sites in 2021 event. MBCC was chosen to host the 9-10-year-old category on July 30th, 2021. MBCC, Beach Park, and the surrounding streets in Maple Bluff will be converted to a small, but organized, venue to manage all the competitors as well as our residents, the spectators, vehicles, volunteers, coaches and staff needed to support this event. You are an important part of our concern regarding this event!

MBCC & the Village anticipate additional activity occurring in the Village beginning Friday morning around 10:00am, with the preliminaries beginning at 1:00pm. With no weather concerns, the event should begin to clear out beginning at 6:00pm.

Event Website: For additional information about the event, go to the following website: https://allcityswimdive.org/2021-championship-meets/


TRAFFIC PLAN & PARKING For efficiency of vehicular movement, safety, and maximum parking capacity, Fisk Place, Woodland Circle, Kensington Drive and Cambridge Road will be transformed to ONE WAY streets.

PLAN Because of our narrow roadways, we would be limited to parking on one side of the street if we had traffic moving in both directions. By going to ONE WAY streets, it allows cars to park on both sides of the street and traffic is easier to manage. We need to make sure all pedestrians are as safe as possible.

We will need to accommodate approximately 600 cars parking in the Village. If you are going to the event, it would be best to leave your car at home and walk or ride your bike to the event.

Attached to this document is the Traffic & Parking Plan Map. This map has been made available to all of the swim clubs. You should review the Map and plan your route in and out of the Village based upon the traffic plan and your proximity within the Village. If you have questions about this map and the traffic or parking plan, do not hesitate to contact the Village Center to talk with a staff member about your concerns or the best route for you to consider as you move about the Village.


To assist in the overall traffic flow for this event, we respectfully request that you instruct your residential service providers such as Landscape Companies, Construction Contractors, Housekeepers, or similar service providers to NOT come to the Village on the date of this event.



VILLAGE SERVICES During the All-City Swim event, Village Services will be mostly available for residents. Here is what you can expect from each Village Department:

Administrative Office: The Administrative Office at the Village Center will remain open from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

Police Department: The Maple Bluff Police will have one officer dedicated to normal patrol operations and responding to calls for service. There will be additional officers in the Upper Bluff and Lower Bluff working to support event traffic and parking issues.

Fire Department: Maple Bluff Fire and EMS will have a crew dedicated to service for the event at Beach Park. The balance of Fire/EMS staff will be available for other calls in the Village and assisting with other issues related to the All-City Swim meet.

Rec Department: All Village Recreation programs will be cancelled during the day of the All-City Swim event. There will be no Arts & Athletics and the Beach & Swim area will be closed during the event. Recreation Director, Curt Erickson and Beach staff will be helping support All-City Swim. A mini–Tent City will occupy Beach Park.

Public Works: Early in the week, the crew will make their weekly collections and grounds maintenance. Garbage and Recycle pick-up will be as normally scheduled on Wednesday, July 28th. There will be NO COLLECTIONS or other services provided on either Thursday, July 29th or Friday, July 30th. Please do not put any sticks, wood, or similar grubbing materials at the curb for pick up after 7am on Monday July 26th. Public Works staff will be supporting the All-City Swim event and may not have opportunity to make an additional collection. Please consider the appearance of the Village as we will have approximately 1,300 visitors for this event

All-City Swim Website

Dates: Wednesday – Saturday, July 28-July 31

Wednesday, July 28 preliminaries: Shorewood Hills with 13 and over age group swimmers

Thursday, July 29 AM preliminaries: Monona with 8 and under age group swimmers

Thursday, July 29 PM preliminaries: Hill Farms with 11-12 age group boys swimmers

Friday, July 30 AM preliminaries: Goodman with 11-12 age group girls swimmers

Friday, July 30 PM preliminaries: Maple Bluff with 9-10 age group swimmers

Saturday, July 31 championship finals: Seminole

All-City Swim Schedule by Age Groups

8 and under swimmers: Monona (Thursday morning, July 29)

9-10 year old swimmers: Maple Bluff (Friday afternoon, July 30)

11-12 year old swimmers girls: Goodman (Friday morning, July 30)

11-12 year old swimmers boys: Hill Farms (Thursday afternoon, July 29)

13-14 year old swimmers: Shorewood Hills (Wednesday, July 28)

15 and up swimmers: Shorewood Hills (Wednesday, July 28)

Finals (championship Saturday for all age groups): Seminole (Saturday, July 31)

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