18 Oxford Place
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
Phone Number: (608) 244-3048

Refuse Service

The Village refuse and recycling pick-up will occur on Wednesdays. Recycling is a contracted service with Advanced Disposal and will occur on a bi-weekly basis, be sure to watch the 2018 Recycle Calendar for dates of recycling. All containers need to be placed at the curbside by 6:30am on the day of pick-up.

In accordance with Village Ordinance Chapter 186-3 (A.) “Solid Waste containers from all residential and commercial premises shall be placed at the curbline adjacent to the street designated in the published collection schedule.”  Placement of these containers should be as such that automatic arms can operate on the recycling trucks. This means that these containers need to be placed away from utility poles, mailboxes, snowbanks and vehicles. Remind neighbors or contractors to not block your containers.

In accordance with Village Ordinance Chapter 186-4, (A.) No container or bag placed for collection shall exceed 30 gallons in capacity or 50 pounds in weight (B.) All rubbish placed for collection shall be placed in suitable containers… (C.) Any garbage or rubbish not placed for collection in accordance with the provisions of this chapter may be refused by collector (D.) All persons having solid waste, including recyclable materials, shall place the same in suitable containers not sooner than 24 hours prior to the regularly scheduled collection time, and no person shall permit solid waste or containers thereof to accumulate or remain at the curbline longer than 12 hours thereafter.

Disposal of Other Household Items

Compact Flourscent Lighting (CFL’s) or Flourscent Light Tubes

Return them to the place of purchase or visit: www.cityofmadison (which will give you a list of businesses that will dispose of them for a fee of $1.00 or for free)

Hazardous (Ammunition, Explosives, Fireworks, Medical Devices)

Contact the Maple Bluff Police Department for proper disposal (244-1430).

For syringes, lancets or other medical sharps please contact the Maple Bluff Fire Department for disposal options (244-3390).

Medicine Disposal

The Maple Bluff Police Department annually takes part in the National Take Back Drug Initiative Program. You may bring any unused medicine or drug at this time.

Oil, Oil Filters

As of Jan. 1, 2011, Wisconsin Landfills will no longer be accepting oil filters. For a list of locations that will properly dispose of oil filters, please visit: http://www.countyofdane.com/pwht/recycle

Paints & Other Chemicals

Residents are encouraged to purchase paints and chemicals in amounts that will be used for the intended purpose. When all manner of reuse have been exhausted, please consider taking any excess material to Dane County/Madison Clean Sweep Program. The Department of Public Works will no longer collect or accept clean sweep related items. The drop off site is located at 7102 US Hwy 12, across from the Yahara Golf Course. Call for hours of operation (243-0368) or visit their website at: http://www.danecountycleansweep.com/.

Large Items

Public Works will also collect larger items such as TV’s, appliances, furniture, etc. Some of these items do have fees (Appliance Disposal fee list) associated with collection. These items are to be placed on the curbside with the appropriate sticker issued by the Administration Office for proper disposal. Should you need to place these items out on a separate day from your refuse service, please call the Public Works Department at 244-3048.


Electronics contain valuable, reusable materials like gold, steel, silver, copper and glass. They also contain harmful materials like lead, mercury, cadmium and chemical flame retardants. Recycling and reusing electronics protects the environment, conserves valuable raw materials and preserves landfill space. Electronics recyclers break down your electronics, reuse or recycle safe materials and properly manage hazardous materials. Recyclers must comply with state and federal regulations to ensure environmental safety.  dnr.wi.gov/ecyclewisconsin

Yard Waste Disposal

Yard waste consisting of leaves, garden debris, sticks, branches and limbs will be placed at the streets edge on the terrace in separated and like piles. Yard waste containing pet waste will not be collected. Branches and limb wood will be stacked with the cut end facing the street or direction of traffic. Call regarding the disposal of firewood. All materials need to be kept out of storm gutters and placed on your terrace for good storm water housekeeping. Materials should be kept clear of utility poles, mailboxes, parked cars or anything that will prevent the crew from approaching the debris for collection. Public Works will make every effort to perform weekly collection of yard waste and debris from April 1st through November 31st, week of Thanksgiving excluded. The Compost drop off sites are closed from December 1 through March 31st.

*Contractors are responsible for their disposal on the removal of branches, limbs, etc. 

Grass Clippings

It is recommended while mowing grass to mulch it back into the lawn or to compost it for lawn and garden use and to avoid blowing the grass into the street. The Village will not collect grass. You can take grass, as well as, other garden debris (no brush), to the Dane County Sanitary Landfill site located in Madison at 7102 U.S. 12.

Winter & Snow Removal

The Village of Maple Bluff can experience high levels of snowfall each winter season. When snow/freezing rain events do occur, the responsibility to clear public streets, sidewalks and public parking areas is that of the Public Works Department. Please travel at safe distances behind the snowplows as serious injury or even death could occur from whiteout conditions.

Public Works makes every effort in the timely removal of snow and icing operations. Please keep in mind that several factors may play a role in the said operations. These include: time and duration of snowfall, type of snow, temperature before and after, high winds/drifting, snow accumulation, etc.

Residential/Commercial Snow Responsibilities

If residents have paid a contractor for snow removal services, these ordinances apply to them as well. Should your contractor violate these ordinances, the owner/occupant is liable for ordinance violations.

Village Ordinance Chapter 192-6 Snow & Ice Removal

  1. Sidewalks to be kept clear. The owner or occupant of any lot or parcel shall promptly each day remove all snow and ice which may have fallen or accumulated upon the sidewalk in front of such lot or parcel, provided that when ice has so formed that it cannot be removed, the owner or occupant shall keep the same sprinkled with a material which will prevent the sidewalk from being dangerous to pedestrians. If the owner or occupant fails to comply, the Director of Public Works shall cause the snow or ice to be removed or sprinkled as required at the cost of the property owner or occupant.
  2. Deposit in streets restricted. No person shall cause to be deposited snow from his premises onto the sidewalk abutting thereon or onto any street in the Village without a permit therefor from the Director of Public Works, who may require payment of fee sufficient to reimburse the Village for the cost of removing any snow so deposited.

In the event of forecasted snow, please park your vehicles off the streets to allow for snow removal and emergency personnel to access residential and commercial homes.

WI Waste Reduction & Recycling Law  

Common Questions About Recycling

Household Sharps Disposal

Recycle Plastic Bags

Band Items in Landfills


Ways to Reduce Waste


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