Plan Commission

Summary of Duties:

The Plan Commission oversees the physical development of the Village of Maple Bluff, ensuring orderly development and expansion consistent with the comprehensive plan. The commission consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Village President. At least three of the seven positions must be held by non-elected officials. Individuals appointed to the commission serve three year terms. The Commission may from time to time amend, extend or add to the Comprehensive Plan or carry any part or subject matter into greater detail.

For a detailed description of roles and responsibilities of the Plan Commission, please reference the Village of Maple Bluff’s municipal code.

Plan Commission
Municipal Codes & Ordinances

Commission Members:

Jim Schuler (2023)
Jeff Haupt
Leanna Wall
Ben Schmidt
Deb Houden
Kristine Jaeger (2024)
Kevin O’Driscoll (2024)


Held As Needed: Visit Events Calendar

  • Village Center, 18 Oxford Place, Madison, WI 53704 and Virtual

Agendas & Minutes:

Plan Commission agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.