Yard Waste & Brush

Yard waste consisting of leaves, garden debris, sticks, branches and limbs will be placed at the streets edge on the terrace in separated and like piles. Yard waste containing pet waste will not be collected. Branches and limb wood will be stacked with the cut end facing the street or direction of traffic. Call regarding the disposal of firewood. All materials need to be kept out of storm gutters and placed on your terrace for good storm water housekeeping. Materials should be kept clear of utility poles, mailboxes, parked cars or anything that will prevent the crew from approaching the debris for collection. Public Works will make every effort to perform weekly collection of yard waste and debris from April 1st through November 31st, week of Thanksgiving excluded. The Compost drop off sites are closed from December 1 through March 31st.

*Contractors are responsible for their disposal on the removal of branches, limbs, etc. 

Grass Clippings

It is recommended while mowing grass to mulch it back into the lawn or to compost it for lawn and garden use and to avoid blowing the grass into the street. The Village will not collect grass. You can take grass, and other garden debris (no brush), to the Dane County Sanitary Landfill site located in Madison at 7102 U.S. 12.