18 Oxford Place
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
Phone Number: (608) 244-3048

Emergency Number call 911

Office Number: 244-1430

Fax Number: 244-3901

Neighborhood Watch Program

Residents are urged to report any suscipious activity to the police department. If it is an emergency dial 911. The Village is patrolled twenty-four hours a day.

Parking Regulations

Vehicles are not to be parked on Village streets between 1:00am – 6:00am. Exceptions for good reason may be made by calling the Police Department and ask for extension 113.

Bike Licenses

Bicycles must be licensed. Licenses are available at the Police Department, fee costs $3.00.

Vacation Absences

If you are going to be away from your residences for an extended period of time, please submit your Vacation Form to the Police Department or call 244-1430 and ask for extension 113. In addition, please notify your neighbors of your absence and to report any suscipious activity to the Police Department.

Project ChildSafe:

As a gun owner it is your responsibility to safeguard your firearm. Maple Bluff Police Department provides free firearm locks to protect yourself, your families and friends. For more information about Project ChildSafe visit:www.projectchildsafe.org

Paying your Municipal Court

The Village of Maple Bluff will now be accepting Credit Card payments online for Court. Please follow this link to be redirected:

Maple Bluff Municipal Court

Open Positions:

Police Officer

It is essential for the Maple Bluff Police Dept. to find people who have the right character traits to work in our community. Professionalism, Integrity, Accountability, and Respect are the values at the core of our agency. We have numerous calls for service annually and we utilize our philosophy of community oriented policing to promote relationships and find solutions for problems in our community. Because of the wide variety of assistance police officers must provide within the community along with the complexity of policing, the law enforcement profession presents more challenges than ever. Officers must be able to adapt quickly and problem solve effectively. Education and training are vital to the success of our organization.