Zoning Ordinance Update

Maple Bluff Zoning Ordinance Update (2023-2024)

The Village of Maple Bluff is completing a comprehensive update to its zoning ordinance, which is Chapter 225 of the Municipal Code. This project began in March 2023 and is expected to extend until fall 2024. The Village Board appointed a Zoning Ordinance Update Steering Committee to guide the consulting Village Planner on the update, which will include several opportunities for community involvement. Please visit the link below for additional information about this project.

Maple Bluff Zoning Ordinance Update Page
Current Village of Maple Bluff Zoning Code
Current Zoning Map

We want YOU to help shape the future of the Village of Maple Bluff!

Maple Bluff is beginning a process to update its zoning ordinance.  The zoning ordinance divides Maple Bluff into different zoning districts, lists allowable land uses, and includes standards for exterior building and lot changes.  The Village wants to make sure that the updated zoning ordinance reflects the vision and values of Village residents and property owners, and that’s where you can help.  

Please take the Village’s community survey by August 27th.  You can access a digital version of the survey in different ways, including by clicking here, typing https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/STHBKXG into your Web browser, or pointing the camera on your smartphone or tablet to this QR Code and then clicking on the link that appears.  Or, you can get a hard copy version of the survey by emailing Info@villageofmaplebluff.com, calling 608-244-3048, or by stopping by the Village Hall during normal business hours.

Please help spread the word on this survey and stay involved as we move forward in the process over the next several months.  You should be hearing more from us, or you can visit the Village’s web page for more information.

Zoning Ordinance Survey