Water Meter Replacement

The Village of Maple Bluff needs to replace your water meter. Please sign up for an hour-long appointment from the Village’s Public Works Department.

In order for the Village to replace your meter, please check the type of valve you have inside your home before the meter to ensure a ball valve is installed and not a gate valve. Gate valves will need to be replaced prior to the meter upgrade but can be done in conjunction to minimize disruptions in your service. Please visit the following link if you have questions regarding the type of valve installed before the meter: https://www.homedepot.com/c/ab/ball-valves-vs-gate-valves/9ba683603be9fa5395fab901367d3983.

If your home has a gate valve a plumber will be required to upgrade to a ball valve at your expense.

If you have questions please call the Village Center at 230-7655.

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