Stormwater Management

The Public Works Department oversees and maintains the storm sewer system, and all stormwater detention and retention basins located within the Village of Maple Bluff. Public Works ensures that the Village complies with the increasingly stringent water quality standards of the EPA, the DNR, and Dane County.

Storm water is more than just water. Rain and snowmelt wash dirt, grease, trash, and more from the roads, parking lots and other hard surfaces into storm drains and ditches, that empty directly into your streams, rivers, and eventually into the lakes. Storm water carries excess nutrients like phosphorus with it, which can turn your lakes green and foul smelling.

The way to protect and clean our lakes and streams is to make sure only rain, and nothing else goes into the storm drains and ditches. You’re just clicks away from a world of ways you can easily work for cleaner wetlands, streams, and lakes in Maple Bluff and Dane County. It all starts with making sure that only the rain goes down our storm drains and ditches.

Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer Update Project